smth with Gil *I’m sexy* Nightray from Animate

smth with Gil *I’m sexy* Nightray from Animate

pandora facepalm quintet

Cheshire needs… soft paws!
Summary-page Pandora Harchuu!

Meow rude of you!
I don’t look like this ugly cat at all-meow!
It’s not even a cat-meow!
Oh! Is it continuation of last omake-story? (O)
Cheshire you’ve mixed up the character!(G)

Even if you don’t like it - it can’t be helped, you hadn’t appear for so long. Everyone forgot you!
Well-well, isn’t it Raven? Didn’t you cry like a baby last time you saw Cheshire?
Yeah, like a baby.

Now when I remembered everything I realized the reason of my cat phobia.
So I won’t be afraid when I see a cat.

Just terrible vomit will turn me inside out.
What the hell happend to you in the past?!!!

Well, l didn’t expect to see you!
Oh! I understand! When Break will show himself you’ll hide somewhere yawling!

It’s not true-meow! I’m not afraid o-o-o-of H-h-h-hatter at all-meow!
sfx: shiver
sfx: kshaa!
Wow, he’s gotten angry! (A)
He’s crying!(G)
He looks tasty!
Don’t eat him Alice!
I’ve hit the bull’s-eye! (O)
There was so many things on this page even Break appeared!


If any of you cosplay any of Aki’s characters, please do send it Aki!! She gets so excited every time someone cosplays her characters!!!

Even fanart!! She gets so happy every time someone sends her fanart! Her Japanese fans do stuff like send her cookies with Lante and Dante’s faces on them and…

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Cleaned by Ewa (Pandora’s Box team)

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